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ILLIT, a group of five girls who can be anything, takes the next step into the world. An invitation to its honest and somewhat quirky world is bound to be super attractive. ILLIT introduces its first mini album SUPER REAL ME with the title track “Magnetic” that will stick to your heart and the music that makes each member “real.”

ILLIT – “Magnetic” 
YUNAH: “Magnetic” has a wavy, flowing sound. I think it’s the most accessible song on the album. Anyone who hears the song would think, “Oh, this is good!”

MINJU: This is an upbeat track with our signature vibe! The chorus is ear-catching and it’s a great song to listen to anytime, anywhere.

MOKA: This is the title track and it’s a perfect fit for our pretty, cute, and exciting vibe. It really captures the feel of ILLIT!

WONHEE: With a rich melody and lots of different lyrical, melodic, and choreographic points to focus on, it’s a fun song to both listen to and watch!

IROHA: This song is a mix of lovely sounds and hip-hop, which is very ILLIT! We hope you like it. Please pay attention to the adorable and powerful performance!

ILLIT – “My World”
YUNAH: “My World” captures ILLIT’s uniqueness and zany charm. As an intro, it’s a song that sums up who we are as a group, so please give it a listen.

MINJU: It has a unique beat and atmosphere. The melody has a dreamy feel to it and the lyrics are quirky and cute.

MOKA: “My World” captures ILLIT’s idea of “SUPER REAL ME” very well. It has a different charm from the title track and other songs on the album!

WONHEE: It has a dreamy and bouncy melody and quirky and funny lyrics! 

IROHA: It has a catchy and unique melody and a vibe that seems to cast a spell on the listener. It's a song that expresses the “real me”, the quirky and lively ILLIT as we are!

ILLIT – “Midnight Fiction”
YUNAH: This is the number one song on my list of the best songs to listen to before bed. It will give you a good night’s sleep.

MINJU: It’s a cozy and relaxing song. I especially love listening to it before bed!

MOKA: This song makes me feel like I’m in a dream every time I listen to it. It’s ethereal and beautiful. It’s even more meaningful because the lyrics tell the story of the dreams we imagined!

WONHEE: The song has a warm vibe and each member’s bedtime fantasies are incorporated into the lyrics. It’s a fun and relaxing song to listen to!

IROHA: The lyrics tell the story of each member’s imagination. It’s the calmest song on the album and the expression “late-night sentiment” fits it very well.

ILLIT – “Lucky Girl Syndrome”
YUNAH: It's a song that can make anyone feel like a “Lucky Girl” when they hear it. The next time you're feeling down on your luck, put in your earphones and listen to this song.

MINJU: Overall, it’s a bright and lovely song. It makes my heart swell and makes me feel excited. It puts me in a good mood, so I listen to it often.

MOKA: It's an exciting, upbeat, cute, and bright song that makes you feel like a “Lucky Girl,” just like the title suggests! It's also a really fun song to dance to and it's a great energy booster for any occasion!

WONHEE: You will be able to feel ILLIT’s idea of lucky. It’s a fun, uplifting tune with bright and positive lyrics and melody!

IROHA: The song expresses the power of a positive attitude with a bright and light rhythm. The quirky performance has a good luck vibe with a bouncy, fun, and playful atmosphere.

Conan Gray – “Heather” 
YUNAH: I love the soothing guitar sound of this song. Conan Grey’s voice and the acoustic guitar blend so well and make it a great relaxing song to listen to at night. I listen to it a lot when I'm feeling down or need to be comforted.

Tabber – “Chi-Ka” (feat.DEAN)
MINJU: The beat resonates with my heart and draws me in from the beginning. I also love its melody and rhythm.

thuy – “universe”
MOKA: I often listen to music on my way home from work or at night. I really like this one because it’s such a night-time song and makes me feel relaxed. And that’s why I'd like to recommend it to you!

Dhruv- “double take”
WONHEE: I love this song's dreamy and warm vibe and melody, so it’s always on my playlist. I also love the innocent lyrics that capture a sense of excitement. I feel calm every time I listen to it.

back number – “Happy End”
IROHA: This song is famous in Japan and it’s an old favorite of mine. I want to share it with more people!

YUNAH’s recommendation: YENA – “Love War” (feat. BE’O) / Jiselle – “Missed Call” (feat. Chancellor)
MINJU’s recommendation: Justin Bieber - “Friends” / Maddox – “But Maybe” 
MOKA’s recommendation: beabadoobee – “Glue Song” / Dhruv – “double take”
WONHEE’s recommendation: wave to earth – “Light” / Lee Hi – “What is Love?”
IROHA’s recommendation: Ella Mai – “This is” / Victoria Monét – “How Does It Make You Feel”

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