Article. Lee Heewon, Choi Sunjae
Liaison. Weverse Magazine Editor Team
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As with every year, we are once again coming to the end. As we look back on the year behind us, make your cold winter a little bit warmer with these holiday song recommendations from some of the artists on Weverse: DK (SEVENTEEN), TAEHYUN (TOMORROW X TOGETHER), Jiwon (fromis_9), MINHYUN, J (STAYC), WOOYEON (woo!ah!), HyoJung (OH MY GIRL), Monday (Weeekly), JUNGWON (ENHYPEN), Doyoung (TREASURE) and HONG EUNCHAE (LE SSERAFIM).

“Dar+ling (Holiday ver.)” (SEVENTEEN)

DK (SEVENTEEN): This is a newly arranged holiday version of the song we released as a digital single earlier this year. I’m recommending it since it’s a holiday version and I think listening to it will help you get in the spirit and make you feel all warm inside. I hope you can spend a warm holiday with “Dar+ling” even if it’s cold outside. Happy holidays!

“Essence” feat. Justin Bieber, Tems (Wizkid)

TAEHYUN (TOMORROW X TOGETHER): You can add this song to your Christmas playlist and groove to it while staying warm in your padded jacket. I love putting on gloves and going for winter runs when it gets cold at the end of the year, and this song helps me maintain a good pace!

“Silent” (Sam Ock)

Jiwon (fromis_9): The tranquil music and calming vocals in this song will warm you up inside when the winter weather gets cold. Since it’s getting chilly lately, I listen to this song to keep me warm before I go to bed or when I have time alone.

“Christmas Tree” (V)

MINHYUN: This song makes me feel warm whenever I listen to it in winter. The perfect blend of the comfortable mood of the music and V’s warm vocals lets my body and mind just melt away. I hope this music helps make Hwangdo feel more peaceful during the cold season, too.

“Make You Feel My Love” (Adele)

J (STAYC): I’m recommending “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele. I first heard about this song when our fans, SWITH, recommended it to me. They said the lyrics remind them of me. Maybe it’s because there’s so many kind, warm words. I want to recommend this song because it’ll help you feel warmer as the year ends. It’s not a Christmas song, but I do think it’ll help people feel warmer and overcome the cold of winter!

“For You” (Lee Hi)

WOOYEON (woo!ah!): I think about the year when it comes to the end of it especially. I feel relaxed but also excited when I listen to “For You,” so I think it’s a really good song to listen to during the holiday season. It’ll make you feel warm and excited even though it’s cold outside, so give it a listen now that the year’s ending. 🥰 I hope wow! listens to this song and keeps warm this winter!

“I Hope It’s You” (Brown Eyed Soul)

HyoJung (OH MY GIRL): I’m recommending “I Hope It’s You” by Brown Eyed Soul. There’s a line in the lyrics that goes, “I hope to be the one holding your hand,” which I think is a perfect fit for the end of the year. I think it’s nice to spend the end of the year together with friends, family and partners listening to a song that’s about wanting to be together in the future no matter what. So I want to recommend this song because I think it’ll make the end of the year more special for you. And I hope you’re still listening to it with the people you’re with today when the end of next year rolls around. (laughs)

“SNOW” feat. Lee Moon Sae (Zion.T)

Monday (Weeekly): Winter 2022 is already upon us! This winter’s so cold! ❄️🙀 I always listen to this song whenever it gets cold. The instruments all work so well with Zion.T’s voice that it seems to warm up the air all around. Let’s finish up the year feeling warm and feeling happy together with this Zion.T song! 😻 I really recommend it 😊

“HOLIDAY” feat. DPR LIVE (Suzy)

HONG EUNCHAE (LE SSERAFIM): This song’s called “HOLIDAY,” and I think the line, “Away from busy days / You tell me to take a rest awhile,” really feels like the end of the year and makes you look back on it. I love how well Suzy’s sweet voice and the calming melody go together. This is a great song to listen to when you’re snuggling up under a warm blanket, so I recommend it for the end of the year!

“Come Over” feat. Yerin Baek (DEAN)

JUNGWON (ENHYPEN): I find everyone likes warm, cozy songs when the end of the year comes around. I remember listening to this song all the time because DEAN and Yerin Baek’s dreaminess are a perfect fit for each other and their voices are wonderful. HEESEUNG, who’s also in ENHYPEN, recommended it to me when we were trainees and I remember I kept listening to it over and over because of how much I liked it. Personally, I find it makes me feel good anytime I listen to it—like it’s always the holidays.

“golden hour” (JVKE)

Doyoung (TREASURE): Hi! It’s me, Doyoung from TREASURE! The song I want to recommend for the end of the year is “golden hour” by JVKE. I heard this song when the first snow fell and it felt like I was in a movie where the snow’s falling in slow motion, and the dreamy feeling of the song and the beautiful melody played on piano that soothes the soul only added to the effect. I think it will make the end of the year feel a little warmer, so that’s why I chose this song.

“The Winter’s Tale” (BTOB)

HONG EUNCHAE (LE SSERAFIM): I wanted to recommend this song to FEARNOT because I’ve been listening to it every holiday season since I was young!