Article. Lee Yejin C
Design. Jeon Yurim
Photo Credit. BIGHIT MUSIC
The five boys of TOMORROW X TOGETHER have overcome the sweet temptations in front of them to step into reality and into free fall. They’ve mustered up their courage and are facing the inevitable aches and pains that come with growing up in this world head-on. In this playlist, TOMORROW X TOGETHER tells us about some of the songs off The Name Chapter: FREEFALL, the group’s third studio album, where the idols come to terms with their fate and get ready to sprint from a new starting line—as well as some of the songs they’re listening to as they grow up.
TOMORROW X TOGETHER - ​“Chasing That Feeling”
SOOBIN: This is a really catchy song that’ll get stuck in your head fast. I hope you watch us dance along to it!

YEONJUN: I think this song really highlights every one of our voices and shows off what we’re good at. The way the chorus repeats is catchy so I think people will really like it.

BEOMGYU: Make sure to pay attention to the catchy melody and the synths. Just one listen and you won’t be able to get it out of your head!

TAEHYUN: This song’s about young people dealing with the real world. It’s not dreamlike or paradise. Still, I think a lot of people will relate to the idea of knowing what you want right now and pursuing that. 

HUENINGKAI: This song’s all about boys leaving paradise to take on the real world. The longing in our vocals worked really well with the beat and the vibe.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Anitta - ​“Back for More”

SOOBIN: Everything’s great about this song, including the choreography. There’s several different versions and I hope you listen to them all.


YEONJUN: Everything about this song, from the beat to the singing and dancing, is so cool and impactful. It really gives you a sense of how TOMORROW X TOGETHER has a dandy vibe but a sexy vibe at the same time. It’s all of our favorites!


BEOMGYU: The instant I heard this song, I thought, “This is the one.” It’s an amazing song, and it makes you feel confident and strong.


TAEHYUN: This song’s just great from start to finish. You’ll feel like the star of your own movie when you hear it!


HUENINGKAI: This is a really impactful song. The music and choreography both turned out really cool. I feel a rush of confidence whenever I dance to this song with the other members.

HANRORO - “Let Me Love My Youth”
SOOBIN: HANRORO wrote my favorite song off our new album, “Skipping Stones,” and this is the song I first found out about her through. It’s a beautiful, warm-hearted song. I hope MOA can stand strong, just like it says in this song.
Akina Nakamori - ​“OH NO, OH YES!”
YEONJUN: I’ve been really into Japanese city pop lately, so this has been my go-to song. It makes me feel chill and slip into my memories anytime I listen to it.

Yorushika - “Left-Right Confusion”

BEOMGYU: This was on the soundtrack to a movie I saw recently. I’m recommending this because the vocals and whole sound are fantastic!

Justin Bieber - ​“Bad Day”

TAEHYUN: I feel the ability to overcome something starts with acknowledgement, so when I don’t feel good, I like to listen to something that matches what’s going on rather than something exciting and upbeat. That’s why I listen to this song at night when I’ve been having a day that hasn’t gone my way.

Tom Misch - ​“It Runs Through Me” feat. De La Soul 

HUENINGKAI: The bass in this song is amazing and I’m completely blown away by the rhythm and how it can be so good when it’s all low notes with nothing high-pitched! This song’s just really cool—that’s why I’m recommending it.

SOOBIN’s Recommendation: easy life - nightmares / TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Skipping Stones

YEONJUN’s Recommendation: TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Growing Pain / WILLOW - t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l (Feat. Travis Barker)

BEOMGYU’s Recommendation: TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Skipping Stones / Post Malone - Overdrive

TAEHYUN’s Recommendation: Frank Ocean - Self Control / TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Happily Ever After

HUENINGKAI’s Recommendation: MAX - Love Me Less (Feat. Quinn XCII) / Bruno Mars - Talking To The Moon