In BLOOD ALTAR, the popular sport in Riverfield is nightball. The vampires are the star players at Decelis Academy, as are the werewolves at Sunshine City School. The vampires lived sequestered away in Vamfield House and the werewolves were ostracized in Greyville, and in order to break free of those pasts and settle down in Riverfield, they all had to pose as harmless, normal humans. By leading their schools to victory in the massively popular sport of nightball, they manage to successfully integrate with the human world. As the BLOOD ALTAR webtoon and web novel frequently show, the characters become star athletes, with abilities and strength far exceeding those of humans, but the fact that they aren’t stranger than humans makes them attractive to people. But as we see in ENHYPEN’s “Tamed-Dashed” music video and &TEAM’s song “FIREWORK,” it’s only when the boys are with their brothers that they can really show off their abilities and truly shine. Even though humans receive them warmly, the vampires go between feeling like “monsters” at times and “not monsters” at others (“Still Monster”), and the werewolves decide that, “no matter what other people say … it’s alright to be outside the box,” ironically each acknowledging their status as an “ALIEN.” Even though they’ve proven themselves to be normal by integrating into society, they still can’t form close relationships outside of their respective groups because they have no choice but to cover up the fact that they’re monsters and aliens who fall outside the box. That’s the tragedy of being born different, and the starting point of DARK MOON.
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