Article. Lee Heewon
Design. Jeon Yurim
Photo Credit. BIGHIT MUSIC

Following The Dream Chapter and The Chaos Chapter, TOMORROW X TOGETHER has now opened the door to The Name Chapter. They stand now at a crossroads between their desire to become adults and to live forever in a fantasy world of dreams. We asked the boys of TOMORROW X TOGETHER about their fifth mini album, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, and the portrait it paints of young men given the promise of growing as adults while also wavering in the face of temptation. They also gave some song recommendations for the people who are always by their side, no matter the path they choose: MOA.


SOOBIN: It’ll be more memorable if you watch the performance with the song and get the mood we were trying to deliver better. Please enjoy how we switch from-and-to different sides!

YEONJUN: It might sound like a refreshing song, but at the same time, the drop in the chorus, the hook and the whistle all throughout make it extremely catchy and captivating.

BEOMGYU: The song has refreshing and sexy vibes and they will be amplified if you listen to it with the performance.

TAEHYUN: This is a refreshing song that we sang in a way to give it a sexy nuance. This is the first single we’ve put out where there’s no melody in the chorus—it’s the beat and the breathing that come after the drop that are the real highlight.

HUENINGKAI: I feel like this is a kind of song no one’s ever heard before. It’s upbeat but sexy at the same time and it comes across really well. The chorus is catchy and the melody’s a total earworm!

“Devil by the Window” (TOMORROW X TOGETHER)

SOOBIN: The full English lyrics and all the little details make this song fun to listen to. It’s got a lot of personality and will make you think of the devil just by listening to it and it really suits the somewhat grotesque choreography that goes with it.

YEONJUN: This song’s so unique and trendy it makes me wonder if there’s ever been a K-pop song like it. It’s our second fully English song so I hope our fans all around the world enjoy listening to it.

BEOMGYU: It’s been a while since we put out a song that’s entirely in English. It’s really trendy and catchy.

TAEHYUN: The transition almost feels like it could’ve been changing to a different song if it hadn’t been done right, but it’s actually really clever the way it’s done. It’s very TOMORROW X TOGETHER!

HUENINGKAI: This is TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s second English song. We’ve never done a song in this style before! It also feels like a trendy pop song.

“November Rain” (JANNABI)

SOOBIN: I listen to this song on repeat at night lately. I’m moved by those sad lyrics and the guitar is so good it gives me goosebumps.

“My Fire” (Sam Ock)

YEONJUN: I listened to this song on Christmas. It’s a good song and it makes me feel relaxed when I hear it, so I’m recommending it to you, too.

“Happy Fools” feat. Coi Leray (TOMORROW X TOGETHER)

BEOMGYU: I helped write the lyrics for this song and the story’s all about TOMORROW X TOGETHER. You’ll be able to think, Oh, this really happened, when you listen to it. It’s also nice to listen to when you’re out for a walk.

“Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock)” (TOMORROW X TOGETHER)

TAEHYUN: You don’t have to be a singer to relate to this song. Lots of people can. And it’s hard to find any K-pop songs with groovy Afrobeats like this that sound really wide when you listen to it on speakers.

“Dynamite” (BTS)

HUENINGKAI: This song’s great anytime. I’m recommending it because it makes me feel happy and I get excited every time I hear it!