Article. Kim Sooyun
Design. Jeon Yurim
Photo Credit. PLEDIS Entertainment

SEVENTEEN is back after a long journey, just in time to feel the scorching heat from the sun. Now promoting SECTOR 17, the repackaged version of their endlessly surprising fourth studio album, SEVENTEEN tells us about the irreplaceable music that helps them forget about the heat and can guide them to a new world—another world they present to us as a gift as the seasons of SEVENTEEN continue to change.


S.COUPS: Like the formula “summer = SEVENTEEN,” “_WORLD” feels chill and catchy at the same time, with SEVENTEEN’s flavor on top. Unlike the passionate moves in “HOT,” the moves here are all really cute. I hope everyone is looking forward to our performance.

JEONGHAN: This is a great song for summer, making you feel fresh and floaty! You’ll know what makes it floaty when you hear it and see our performance.

JOSHUA: This is a feel-good song and a perfect fit for summer. The more you listen to it, the better you’ll feel. You’ll never get tired of it, so I hope you listen to it a lot!

JUN: “_WORLD” is a really lovely song, and a refreshing one, too, so you’ll feel cooled down listening to it in the heat of summer. That’s why I’m recommending it to have a more exciting summer!

HOSHI: This sweltering summer, listen to the cool, sweet song that brings you that refreshing SEVENTEEN sound for the first time in a long time. Just one listen and it’ll be on your mind. Then you’ll start humming it without realizing it. I hope everybody loves it!

WONWOO: “_WORLD” can make you feel good no matter what the situation because the song is so energetic and upbeat. Make sure to give it a listen!

WOOZI: This song is full of SEVENTEEN’s positivity and will make you feel good whenever you listen to it. I hope people listen to it a lot to cool down in this summer heat!

THE 8: This song will make you feel better and wash your worries away! And our performance for this one is really interesting, so make sure to pay attention!

MINGYU: When I first heard “_WORLD,” it was like glitter floating across green grasses and blue sky. I think it struck me as a really new and refreshing song for that reason, and I hope everyone who listens to it can feel that kind of emotion, too!

DK: “_WORLD” shows off SEVENTEEN’s freshness, but in a different way than ever before, and it’s full of breezy vibes. Let’s all listen to the song and go to a new world together. ♥️

SEUNGKWAN: This summer’s driving song! This is a great, cool song to listen to anytime, so if you’ve been waiting for this kind of refreshing song from SEVENTEEN, you’re going to love it. I’m curious how people will feel after listening to it and I wish I could see the looks on their faces!

VERNON: “_WORLD” is overflowing with excitement and super sweet. I hope it helps keep your summer cool!

DINO: This song is filled with a whole new kind of excitement. Let’s listen to “_WORLD” and make our own world to hang out in!


S.COUPS: This song is a pre-release for our repackaged album and the first song from SVT LEADERS since “CHANGE UP” four years ago. It’s got a completely different feel from the whole group, and I recommended it since it has a completely different tone and sense of confidence coming from SVT LEADERS.

HOSHI: This is the first SVT LEADERS song in a while. We made sure to make a song and performance that shows something fun and different from typical SEVENTEEN, and I think it turned out pretty cool, so I’m recommending it to CARAT!

WOOZI: I’m recommending “CHEERS,” SVT LEADERS’ first comeback in a long time! We prepared this as a pre-release track and the music video, choreography, song and everything else all fit together perfectly, so it really shows off what makes SVT LEADERS unique.

​“Circles” (SEVENTEEN)
JEONGHAN: I kept wanting to listen to this song while working on the repackaged album because it made me feel comfortable and calm. I hope CARAT will feel the same way I did.

JOSHUA: I can already picture singing this song with CARAT at our next concert. That would be fantastic!

JUN: This song felt welcoming to me from the first time I heard it, and the part we sang with the kids is still in my ears and in my heart.

WONWOO: “Circles” touched my heart from the moment I first heard it. Themeaning behind the song is that after you go round in circles you’ll eventually come back to happiness. I think this song will really move people, too.

THE 8: “Circles” is my favorite song off this album. I like how emotional it feels, and I’m already flooded with emotion when I picture CARAT singing along to this song in my head.

MINGYU: “_WORLD,” the single for this repackaged album, is good, too, but I can really feel CARAT’s love with “Circles,” and it makes me feel at ease on a personal level. I hope it does the same for everyone else who listens to it!

DK: “Circles” is a ballad song performed by all of SEVENTEEN. My heart beats faster when I think about singing it with CARAT so I’m already looking forward to when we can sing it together.

SEUNGKWAN: I get a little choked up just listening to this song, and the kids you hear in the chorus are a real elementary school choir, so I think that really multiplied and maximized the emotional atmosphere the song has.

VERNON: I could tell while recording “Circles” that it’s really easy listening and has a calming power, so I recommend it.

DINO: I think “Circles” has the power to touch people’s hearts. I feel stronger whenever I hear it because it makes me think of CARAT, and I can’t wait to get even more strength singing it on stage with them there.

“Diddy Bop” (Jacob Banks & Louis the Child)

S.COUPS: I listen to this song a lot because I like emotion you can hear in the vocals.

“’bout You” (SEVENTEEN)

JEONGHAN: The lyrics and flow of this song are great. I like it because it plays over and over again in my mind.

“Answer” (homezone)
JOSHUA: My friend recommended this song to me and I got a really good feeling from it so I kept on listening to it. And I feel tranquil when I listen to it, which I love.

“Lover Boy 88” (Phum Viphurit & Higher Brothers)

JUN: I like the melody and the style of this song so I listen to it whenever I’m moving around during work or before or after just in my personal time.

“Come Around Me” (Justin Bieber)

HOSHI: I randomly heard this song when I was going home one day and it’s perfect for my tastes. I’m recommending it in hopes that all of you get the same feeling out of it that I do.

​“Imperfect love” (SEVENTEEN)
WONWOO: I started to see the beauty in this song again and like it even more after we performed it at our most recent concert and I saw CARAT cheering us on.

WOOZI: When we sang this in concert with CARAT, I could feel every bit of their love. I was so touched and thankful that I’ll never forget that moment. It makes the song even more important to me.
“Music for a Sushi Restaurant” (Harry Styles)
THE 8: I’m recommending this song because I’ve been listening to Harry Styles a lot lately and I think this song is a good fit for summer.
“To Find You” (cast of Sing Street)
MINGYU: This song’s from the soundtrack to one of my favorite movies, Sing Street, so I’d like to recommend it to CARAT and listen to it with them!

“A journey” (WONPIL)

DK: This is a good song to listen to when you want to give someone happiness or luck, or when you want to support someone or need it yourself, so I’m recommending this one!

“As It Was” (Harry Styles)

SEUNGKWAN: Harry Styles looks so happy to be singing so freely in this. I wish I could be the kind of singer who conveys that kind of feeling.

“Can’t Stop” (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

VERNON: My parents used to listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers all the time. I got back into them recently and “Can’t Stop” is my favorite.

“0310” (Yerin Baek) 

DINO: I always listen to this song when I’m on a trip, and it makes me feel so nice and refreshed. I love it!