Article. Lee Jiyeon
Photo Credit. WM Entertainment

The summer’s been long and hot, and GONGCHAN’s passed it with a combination of music, movies and TV. We asked the B1A4 idol to recommend some of his favorites for BANA, the group’s fandom, to enjoy. Enjoy GONGCHAN’s personally curated list as you wait for autumn to come and bring the hot days of summer to a close.

​“what is LovE?” (B1A4)
GONGCHAN: The sky turns an orange color as the sun goes down. I’m sure everyone wondered what those clouds tasted like when they were young. (laughs) I think the way the lyrics compare the feeling of falling in love in a pure, childlike way with an orange sky makes the song perfect for a summer sunset.
​“Summer Comes” (OH MY GIRL)
GONGCHAN: You can’t go wrong with OH MY GIRL in summer. (laughs) Their new song lets you enjoy the hot summer in a refreshing way thanks to their upbeat energy.
​“Beautiful Beautiful” (ONF)
GONGCHAN: ONF look and sound fantastic in this song! Anyone who sees their on-stage performance will fall in love with them forever! Listen to this song and the summer heat will just lift away.
GONGCHAN: Just one listen and that catchy, powerful hook will make you forget about how hot it is! Their amazing performance and choreography will leave anyone listening to the song grooving in their seat. As long as you’ve got this catchy song “KNOCK,” the summer’s practically over!
​Inside Out
GONGCHAN: It’s fascinating the way the characters in Inside Out are personifications inside of the main character’s mind, reflecting her different emotions. You yourself might have some emotions in yourself that you hate, and sometimes you might only want to hold onto your happy emotions. In the end, I think the movie makes you think a little deeper about your own emotions and thoughts that you have as the emotions you experience help you grow. That’s why I’m recommending it to BANA.
​Our Beloved Summer
GONGCHAN: Our Beloved Summer is a TV drama about two characters, Ung and Yeon-su, who go to school together and then reunite 10 years later. Watching them meet and seeing all their emotions and the stories that arise from it all was so engaging that before I realized it I was totally hooked. You’ll quickly forgot about how hot it is once you get into the lives of the two young characters in this series! (laughs)