Article. Rieun Kim
Design. Yurim Jeon
After many long nights, fromis_9 has returned. On their album Midnight Guest, the group sings about shyly admitting to feelings of love at times, making daring adventures at others, all to become masters of the night. We asked the members of fromis_9 about their newly released songs and other music that can act as encouragement for a fresh start.

“DM” (fromis_9)

Saerom: This song has an explosive chorus, like it’s ringing in the new year 2022, but there’s also something subtle and hazy beneath the surface. I recommend the song because it’s oozing with appeal. 

Hayoung: I’ve been listening to this song endlessly, from the time I first heard it with the other members, to when we were practicing, to after it was released. I feel like people will want to keep listening to it no matter how many times they hear it. (laughs)

Gyuri: This is the kind of straightforward love song only fromis_9 could deliver. Maybe people could listen to this song when they’re going to reveal their love to someone and they want to feel brave.

Jiwon: You know how there are times when you feel bored with how repetitive your life is? I bet a lot of people can relate to that feeling these days especially. This song paints the story of a thrilling escape into the city at night. It not only gets you excited and makes your heart race, it’s also like a gift that gives hope for the day we can all go outside anytime we want and get back to our everyday lives where we all have a good time together. Aren’t you thrilled just thinking about it? (laughs)

Jisun: I think “WE GO” was all about the energy of summer, while “DM” captures the way things are right now. But feel free to listen to this song anytime!

Chaeyoung: Whenever I hear our debut song, “Glass Shoes,” I practically get choked up and want to cry. This song makes me feel that kind of emotion again. I also really like it because it says all the things I wanted to tell flover.

Seoyeon: Anytime, anywhere—whenever you want to go out and have fun, even in the middle of the night—it doesn’t matter! This is an exciting song you can listen to whenever you want to say, I don’t care what anyone thinks!

Nagyung: I get this unidentifiable feeling whenever I listen to this song. I know it’s not an entirely upbeat song, but when it hits the chorus, I feel the music bust wide open. So I think it’s a good song to listen to whenever, wherever.

Jiheon: Even though the song’s cheery overall, when I first heard “DM” I thought it had a certain bittersweet feeling, too. It’s so good.

“Escape Room” (fromis_9)

Saerom: There’s something a little bit sexy to this song—a first for a fromis_9 album. So I suggest listening to it late at night. Haha.

Hayoung: We come off a little differently in this song from in the ones we usually put out. It's a cool song—one that’s probably a good listen for late nights.

Gyuri: I get sort of retro vibes from this song. It's got a performance with a sexy, mature vibe that fromis_9 hasn’t really ever tried before, so make sure to watch the performance closely!

Jiwon: The dreamy instrumentation and fromis_9’s attractive vocals combine to leave a lingering feeling of the kind of tension you might feel right before escaping into the night. I really enjoyed practicing this song because I felt like we were taking an adventure somewhere new. There’s a whole new kind of allure in the music that’s different from fromis_9’s usual sound, so it should feel all-new to listeners.

Jisun: When you’re trying to feel sentimental at night, or when you want to feel like you’re in your own world while powerwalking (hehehe!) this is the song I recommend. 🥴 It’s nice to listen to because people will relate to the song’s dark mood. 🤪

Chaeyoung: We’ve never done a song in this genre so I was excited even before we got started. I suggest listening to this song when you want to feel a bit more hip or cool. (laughs)

Seoyeon: When you want to feel confident, like I’m the chicest, coolest person in the world—I’m oozing charisma! That’s when you should listen to “Escape Room”—showing off the excitement you feel inside in the way you walk to and from work!

Nagyung: This song will show a kind of charm you’ve never seen from fromis_9. That’s what I was most focused on when I was recording the vocals and practicing the choreography.

Jiheon: It’s got a different vibe from our earlier songs. It feels modern and sophisticated.

“Mulgogi” (fromis_9)

Saerom: I like “Mulgogi” because I feel like it washes my worries away when I listen to it. Anybody can find happiness this winter by curling up in a blanket and listening to “Mulgogi.”

“Ocean Waves” prod. NIve (Yang Da Il)

Hayoung: flover suggested this song to me and I listen to it all the time because it’s just that good. I can feel my mind becoming clean and pure whenever I listen to it.

“Airplane Mode” (fromis_9)

Gyuri: I think this is a good song to listen to these days since nobody can go out much and we have to spend a lot of time indoors. It makes you feel all the excitement and anticipation you feel when you’re taking a trip somewhere.

“Apollo 11” feat. Jay Park (JAMIE)

Jiwon: This song’s all about forging a new path and having confidence and hope for it going forward. I hope everyone starts the new year off bright and strong with this song!

“Places We Won’t Walk” (Bruno Major)

Jisun: I think listening to a song like this in the winter months early in the year—one that puts your mind at ease, like a soft lullaby—actually helps you to relax and keep your thoughts organized. It makes me feel like I’m ready to go out and face the world again, and that’s why I’m recommending it.

“Fluttering” (The Soundtrack Kings)

Chaeyoung: This song might sound familiar to anyone who saw the movie The Beauty Inside. I listen to it almost every day to relax. It’s nice to hang out with lots of people or listen to some fun, upbeat music, but when I put in my earphones and play this song, I feel like I’m alone in my own serene world. That’s why I listen to it at least a couple times a day. (laughs) I highly recommend it.

“Time of Our Life” (DAY6)

Seoyeon: I recommend this song. The band really rocks! It’s an exciting song that will help you ring in the new year with more energy!

“DM” (fromis_9)

Nagyung: I can’t recommend “DM” enough! The song never gets old, no matter how much you listen to it, and it feels different every time I hear it. So when you listen to the song, pay attention to the different characteristics and tone of each of our vocals!

“Start Over” (Gaho)

Jiheon: There’s a line in this song that says, “I’m starting again.” That’s exactly what fromis_9 and I are trying to say these days. We have a lot we still want to show people, and we prepared for our latest work with the mindset that we’re starting all over again.

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