Article. Sooyun Kim
Design. Yurim Jeon
Photo Credit. SOURCE MUSIC

“FEARLESS.” These six girls have taken their first step out into the world, and it’s an impressive one. We asked LE SSERAFIM, who has already made a strong impression on listeners with their music and their honest, confident messages, about their debut album and all their ideas that went into it. It’s the start of a bold new adventure for LE SSERAFIM.

SAKURA: I love how catchy the hook is and how the lyrics contain our sincere feelings. I especially like the line, “Telling me to hide my desire, that’s weird / Acting like I’m humble, that’s done,” more than anything, and I feel stronger when I’m singing it.

KIM CHAEWON: The catchiness of this song makes it fun to listen to, and the lyrics really get our passion across, so I think it will give strength to listeners, too.

HUH YUNJIN: I feel like you can enjoy our single “FEARLESS” anytime, anywhere. It has so many different highlights so it’s exciting to listen to and it’s easy to get into the rhythm thanks to the catchy melody. And people should pay attention to the lyrics if they’re looking to boost their confidence or relieve some stress. I guarantee the more you listen to “FEARLESS” the more you’ll fall in love with it!

KAZUHA: The lead single, “FEARLESS,” tells you to keep going and never be swayed. The catchy chorus and the sudden change in the mood when we rap in the middle of the song are definitely highlights. I hope listening to “FEARLESS” gives people the courage to keep going without fear, just like the lyrics say.

KIM GARAM: I think it’s an extremely catchy song with a really cool performance. I like the unique beat and the melody, and the fact that it’s all about us makes it even more meaningful.

HONG EUNCHAE: The title track is directly about us. The message to keep moving forward and not be swayed by others’ opinions is pretty cool. There’s lots of great highlights in the choreography so there’s a lot to watch for in the performance, too.

​“Blue Flame” (LE SSERAFIM)
SAKURA: This song feels completely different from the single so I think fans will absolutely love it, too. I especially like the choreography during that catchy line, “that that that is faction.” It’s so lovely and sweet. I love that part.

KIM CHAEWON: Unlike the title track, this song is light and upbeat, so I feel good whenever I listen to it. I think it would be great to listen to while driving!

HUH YUNJIN: “Blue Flame” shows a completely different side of us. You’ll definitely enjoy hearing the mix of LE SSERAFIM’s strong, a little aloof, hyper-confident side (and you can even hear lyrics that CHAEWON and I wrote!).

KAZUHA: “Blue Flame” is appealing in a completely different way from “FEARLESS.” The melody is so uplifting that anyone listening will probably feel lighter, too. The song also ties into our original story, Crimson Heart, so I feel like you can close your eyes while you listen to it and it opens up an imaginary world full of characters and makes you want to set off on an adventure.

KIM GARAM: This song really shows off the vocals and the charms of every member of the group. It’s trendy, and it has a bright, lively, exciting vibe.

HONG EUNCHAE: This song feels like the opposite of “FEARLESS” in that it lets you see our cute, sweet side. It makes me feel good whenever I listen to it with how bright and energetic it is.

“Loving You Girl” (Peder Elias)

KIM CHAEWON: I feel great every time I hear this song! It’s the kind of song that’s good to listen to when the weather’s nice and you’re out driving or taking a walk. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful, so you can read along with the lyrics to feel better inside.


“Grown Ups” (Sondia)

SAKURA: This song is on the soundtrack for the drama My Mister. I really enjoyed the show, so I get emotional just listening to this song.


HONG EUNCHAE: This song is exciting but also tender, so I feel better as soon as I listen to it. The part that goes, “hope everything will shine more brightly,” is particularly beautiful. I love this song and how beautiful her voice sounds.

“A Million Dreams” (Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams)
KAZUHA: This is one of the songs from my favorite movie, The Greatest Showman. It gives you the courage to tell yourself that, no matter how big or challenging you think your dream is, if you really want it to come true, don’t give up and keep working toward your goal. It’s really touching because it reminds me of when I was young and imagined myself making my dreams come true without getting bogged down in reality.

“All in My Head” (Tori Kelly)

KIM GARAM: I love the chill guitar and the singer’s voice. The lyrics are sad but they really fit with the melody, so I keep listening to it. The sentiment and the mood are exactly what I like.❤️ 

“The King” (Sarah Kinsley)

HUH YUNJIN: When I listen to this song, it feels like I’m experiencing a movie through my hearing. I close my eyes from start to finish when I listen to it. I hope you give it a listen and imagine being a character in a movie, too!